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Democracy means voting on POLICIES not on politicians.

Using magnetic cards for voting makes vote-counting immediate.
This enables voters to vote directly on POLICIES rather than on politicians.
Voting on POLICIES - not Rule by Representatives - is genuine democracy.

The Bush/Gore vote-counting fiasco in Florida revealed the inadequacy
of antiquated voting by paper ballot.
Why use paper ballot and not a magnetic card?
Voting by magnetic card is simpler, faster, safer, and more reliable.
Counting is immediate, automatic, and foolproof.
All it requires is issuing magnetic voting cards to voters, setting up
voting terminals, and a central computer to count inputs from terminals.
All this costs less than a squadron of F-16 planes.
When counting is immediate we can vote directly on POLICIES
rather than on POLITICIANS.
Voting on POLICIES - not Rule by Representatives - is genuine democracy.
Voting directly on policies minimizes corruption and cost of governance.
Voting on policies is NOT A REFERENDUM if voters propose policies.
Using TV to discuss proposals citizens can phone-in their proposals.
Panels of experts, drawn by LOTTERY, can discuss proposals, and answer
questions and criticism phoned-in by the public.
TV discussion followed by a first round of voting can select a few proposals.
Repeating this will select policies for a final vote.
Direct voting on policies should also be done at Work, Education, and Family.
Voting on policies will change people's political apathy and selfishness
induced by Rule of Representatives. It stimulates people's concern for,
and responsibility for, society. Deciding directly what their society should
do makes people concerned about society, and responsible for it.
Demand your right to vote directly on policies,
not on politicians.



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