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DirectActions Against Taco Bell Spread to Chicago?

Some ideas on quick actions to take in soilidarity with farm workers

The resistance against oppression is on the rise. Since Seattle in 1999, tens of thousands of people in North America have joined with folks across the world to stand up against the WTO, the IMF/WB the WEF. These large mobilizations have been met with large police forces and many are talking about what are next steps are. Now is the time to take direct action locally on the targets of our choosing.
The baseball saying is “hit em where they ain’t”. A visit to your local Taco Bell will not be met by thousands of riot cops.

For the next couple of weeks, workers from Immokalee Florida are touring the nation exposing Taco Bell for its involvement in the slave labor sweatshops in southern Florida. See for background and updates. This is a call to all anti-corporate, anti-capitalists and anyone who is disturbed by the modern day slavery that is a part of everyday life for many farm workers.

In the first week of March visit a local Taco Bell or two and expose them for the oppression of the Immokalee workers. Inform employees, potential customers, and managers that we are aware of the abuses and this begins a sustained boycott of Taco Bell.

Some ideas:

1. Use attached flyers/stickers. Hand out in parking lot. Hand out in store. Post in visible locations throughout store. (Individuals or a small group can do this. Make sure manager gets one, so he can call his higher ups)

2. Have a skit on line of taco bell. Customer One is outraged at the conditions he/she discovers by reading a flyer they find in store. So are other “customers” in the store. A loud discussion is had reading flyer etc. A meeting with manager ensues. Is this all true sir asks a “customer” of manager. “customers” leave outraged at what they have discovered.

3. Welcome to Taco Bell may I take your order?

Yes I will have 8 tacos. 6 burritos, and 4 large soda and _____________
When you arrive at the pick-up window inform them that you have changed your mind because of what you have read on this flyer. (hand it to them.)
How many people will do this in a day?
Can you say Critical Mass at the Drive thru?

This is a very incomplete list. Use your imagination. Have Fun.
( Not mentioned are spray paint, glue, stink bombs and other things, because they are illegal.)

The most important thing is to do something to alert Taco Bell that we are in solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers . If everyone who receives this message does something, we are talking about hundreds of actions in a one week period.

This is the “next step” for our movement. From now ion we will engage in actions that support ongoing struggles that are de-centralized, and coordinated at targets and times of our choosing. Advancing the struggle will require more targets in more locations. Instead of relying on crashing the parties of the global elite, we chose the playing field, we chose the time and we decide the tactics. Taco Bell you’re it!

If a flyer is not attached to this message, make you own or go to

CIW or any other group other than the front group Workers Liberation Committee that does not exist anyway does not endorse this call.

After Taco Bell we will move onto our next target. Hint it is not the IMF/WB meeting.



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