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Rod Blagojevich & SMWIA Local 73

Rod Blagfojevich & Sheet Metal Workers' Local 73 Chicago
Rod Blagojevich & SMWIA 73

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Video #1 (2.0 mb)

Video #2 (1.4 mb)

Slideshows, pictures, and screen savers will be accessible
on by Sunday night at 7:00pm
Central Time.

Due to inclement weather, I will not be able to attend
the 03/02/02 10:00am rally at Teamster City.
I will make best attempts to attend the 1:00pm rally
at 400 Landau in Joliet, IL and will have any pictures
& video accessible at

Here are a few photos from last night's union meeting.
I have several dozen more photos which need to processed
and optimized before upload.

In Solidarity,

Blagojevich for IL Governor:
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