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End of the Year Thoughts

End of the Year and Fundraiser.
This year has meant much to Green Party here in Chicago, Illinois,
across this country, and throughout the world. We have grown and are
still experiencing some growing pains.

The bottom line has been that urgency of people's grassroots progressive
agenda has been forwarded both in the streets and at the ballots box.
The genie is out of the bottle, we caught the aroma of possibility and
we are marching toward it and won't let nothing turn us around. We walk
in the footsteps of mighty forebears who have left a path for us to
build on and vision they share. We carry in hearts the tones of
assurance that before we rest we shall sing freedom in every step we
take, every letter we write, every hand we shake, every sign we hold,
and every word we speak. We may have not accomplished all of our goals
this year, but tomorrow provide with another chance.

As we prepare for next year we deserved the right to celebrate the works
of this year, and so through the generous donation of the Heartland Cafe
on Friday December 29, 2000 there will be a end of the year celebration
for the Chicago Progressive Community held at the Red Line Tap 7006
North Glenwood at 8:00 p.m. There will be light refreshments provided by
the Heartland Cafe, cash bar, open mike for singing, telling war
storeys, funny stories, and lots of fun. There will be a small cover of
$5 prceeds to go GEARS and the Chicago Greens.

So before you do the New Year's Eve thing come celebrate with your
colleagues and actvitist. This is meant as fun!!!



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