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Angels of Public Interest to Descend Upon the FCC (an audio report)

The Federal Communications Commission is a government agency that could help make media beautiful. Instead, the FCC using its power to collapse control of the media into the hands of fewer and fewer transnational corporations.


Angels of Public Interest Descend Upon the FCC

FCC Chairman Michael Powell has said "The Market Is My Religion."
This most unwise and unrighteous mortal made the mistake of claiming: "The
night after I was sworn in, I waited for a visit from the angel of the public
interest. I waited all night, but she did not come." Since he had trouble
seeing one Angel that dreadful night, on March 22nd media activists shall descend
upon him in droves.

to an audio report on this event (via real player)

an MP3 of this audio here

More info on
this event from the Media Tank web site.

info on this from Media Channel web site.




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