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Bears, Shark Lawyers, Corperate Welfare Oh My!!!

The lastest on the attempt of the City of Chicago to give a huge peice of corperate walfare to the Bears.
Here's the latest on the largest corporate welfare deal in Chicago.

Yesterday the Chicago Board of Elections held a hearing to respond to an
objection to placing the Binding Referendum on the ballot. This
referendum will allow Chicago voters to voice their opinion on whether
they believe that $400,000,000 gift of taxpayers money should be given
to the Chicago Bears. This hearing was held due to the objection flied
by one Brian Crowe of Chicago. In his objection Mr. Crowe says the cost
of election would be expensive and so the he is asking the Board of
Election to rule the referendum off the ballot in the Chicago Feb.
27,2001 ballot. What Mr. Crowe this civic mined soul has not revealed is
that he is the former Corperation Council for the City of Chicago and a
direct appointee to the Mayor as well as currently being a contract
employee with City of Chicago.

So lets do a quick re-cap:

* We the citizens and residents of Chicago properly filed a petition to
have the question of whether a taxpayer subside for Soldiers Field
should go fourth for the Bears.

* In response the City Clerk has refused certify the petitions thus
requiring this question on the ballot.

* The City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District have filed a slap
suit on all of us that signed the petition moreless telling us to shut
about this.

* Then this Daley Stooge files an objection to is even being considered
by the board of elections.

Sounds, like a whole lot a sand being raised for something that when we
started the powers to be said was nothing but an annoyance.

We are not an annoyance we are the people in this town that just sick
and tired of having every single corporate welfare scheme from the
current government crammed down our throats!

We are right on this issue and corporate bullies are being beat back by
public well whether they like it or not.

In addition Pat Quinn was able to secure a copy of the Memorandum of
Understanding between the City of Chicago and the Chicago Bears
organizations. It stipulates that the Soldiers Field project as approved
by the State Legislature and put fourth by the City of Chicago that
there will be no competitive bid, no Freedom of Information act
compliance, and gives the Bears naming rights that could total an
additional $300,000,000 for the next 30 years that will directly to the

The more you look at this deal the more it stinks to high heaven. Quinn
has set up a web site where everyone who wants can read the Memorandum
of Understanding

The next stage of this is the final hearing before the Board of
Elections on Friday December 29,2000 at 10:00 a.m. at the Board of
Elections Offices at 69 West Washington 8th floor conference room. We
need to fill this room with as many people possible. Please come to this
hearing, we need to let the Board of Elections know that there is a
ground swell of support of this referendum to be on the ballot. Even if
you don't live in the City of Chicago please come to this hearing. This
is stand against corporate welfare and action for the public's right to

In Florida the questions was counting every vote, in this case we are
fighting for the right to the vote on matters that will eventually
effect all of our lives. I hope to see you Friday at the Hearing.



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