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Holy Name 6 Update #2: $16,000 Bail Needed!

Bond has been set for the Holy Name 6. Each arrestee's bond is set at $25,000, except for Donte Smith, whose bond has been set at $35,000.
Angela Haban, Mercedes Phinaih, and Regan Maher
Ryne Ziemba, Donte Smith, Ephran Ramirez Jr.
Supporters and allies of the six protesters arrested yesterday at Holy Name Cathedral have just returned from the arrestees' bond hearing.

Today's hearing was in regards to charges of felony defacement of property at a place of worship in excess of $300; that makes the charge a Class III felony. The fake blood allegedly used in the action stained the auditorium's carpet and 14 chairs, incurring a $400 cleaning bill. According to the prosecuting attorney, the cleaning failed and the carpet will need to be replaced at a cost of $3000. Special conditions have been set for all the arrestees which prevent them from having any contact with Cardinal George, Holy Name Cathedral, or the area of 735 N. State Street.

The bond for Ephran, Regan, Mercedes, Ryne, and Angela is set at $25,000 each. Donte's bond is set at $35,000. In order to be bailed out, each arrestee needs to post 10% of their bond. All told, we need to raise $16,000. To make a donation online, we've set up a Paypal account here. However, PayPal's payout limits make this a less-than-quick way to actually pay the bail. If you live in Chicagoland, please contact us at holyname6 -AT- riseup -DOT- net, or call Tim Salemme at (773) 759 - 8399 to arrange a donation.

All arrestees are scheduled to appear in court at Branch 42 on March 31st.




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