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What's Wrong with Capitalism?

Enron, Recession, Layoffs, War...
What's Wrong with Capitalism?

Meeting at Harold Washinton College Rm. 806
Thursday, February 28th 7:00pm
The recent Enron scandal shows just how corrupt and inhumane this system can be. But Enron is the tip of the iceberg. The recession has caused millions to lose their jobs or to live in fear that they will. CEOs work side by side with politicians to design laws that make the rich richer while the poor are told to sacrifice. Corporate domination of our world have left us with environmental devastation and war. Can capitalism ever be made to work for people instead of profit? If not, what is the alternative? Join us for this discussion which will try to make sense of an economic system out of control and what we can do to stop the madness.

Sharon Smith, author of the upcoming book "The End of the American Dream" and contributing author to the anthology "Iraq Under Seige," will be speaking on this topic.

Thursday, February 28th, 7:00pm
Harold Washington College, Room 806
30 E. Lake St., corner of Lake and Wabash



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