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Korean Workers Launch General Strike

by BASE21 11:02am Wed Feb 27 '02 (Modified on 1:00pm Wed Feb 27 '02)
parkterry (at)

for the most recent news, analysis, photos, and video clips of the general strike, go to BASE21!
Last Monday, thousands of workers from railway, electric, gas, automobile, and other industries initiated a nation-wide general strike. Their main demands: end of privitization plans, improvement of working conditions and labor laws, and a 5-day work week. Striking workers sought refuge in universities, while the government sent troops to Myondang Cathedral, where labor leaders have protection. Though no violence has broken out (since the workers have yet to take to the streets), President Kim Dae-Jung has threatened to aggressively clamp down on "illegal" strikers. Just recently railway and gas workers worked out a compromise with the government, but electric workers are still on strike. For more information and to send your solidarity, please visit BASE21.



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