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September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Our Mission:

Peaceful Tomorrows is an advocacy organization founded by family
members of September Eleventh victims.
Its mission is to seek
effective nonviolent responses to terrorism, and identify a
commonality with all people similarly affected by violence
throughout the world. By conscientiously exploring peaceful
options in our search for justice, we choose to spare additional
innocent families the suffering that we have already
experienced—as well as to break the endless cycle of violence and
retaliation engendered by war.

Our goals:

· To make possible a safe, open dialogue on alternatives to war.

· To provide support and fellowship to others seeking peaceful and
just responses to terrorism.

· To educate and raise the consciousness of the public on issues
surrounding war and peace.

· To guard against erosion of civil liberties and other freedoms
at home as a consequence of war.

· To promote U.S. foreign policy which places a priority on
principles of democracy and human rights.

· To encourage a multilateral use of sensible and appropriate
means to bring those responsible for the
September eleventh attacks to justice in an international criminal

· To recognize our fellowship with other innocent people touched
by violence and war, regardless of nationality.

· To join with like-minded groups in furthering the causes of
peace and justice.

"Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows"–Martin
Luther King, Jr.



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