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Update: Bomb Sharon not Saddam

If America is to bomb people based on evilness, we should be bombing Sharon and not the less evil Saddam.
If America is to bomb people based on evilness, we should be bombing Sharon and not the less evil Saddam. A few facts to illustrated this distinction should help the crucial war against terrorism.

1. Sharon cost the U.S. taxpayers $ a year. Saddam cost us nothing.

2. Sharon is against UN inspections of his weapons of mass destruction under any circumstance. Saddam has offered to have inspectors in Iraq, if Israel would do the same.

3. Sharon occupies another country in violation of UN laws. Saddam does not do that.

4. Sharon has bulldozed thousands of Palestinian homes, Sharon has not done anything like that.

5. Sharon has destroyed thousands of Palestinian grape and fruit trees, Sharon has never done that.

6. Sharon uses death squads to kill opponents in occupied territory in violation of Geneva Convention. Saddam does not do that.

7. Sharon has his military shoot at ambulances and hospitals. Saddam does not do that.

8. Sharon military shoots pregnant women on way to hospitals. Saddam does not allow that.

9. Sharon uses a policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians. Saddam does not do that.

10. Sharon is for war against any Arab/Muslim country. Saddam does not favor any war.

11. Sharon has submarines with nuclear weapons to threaten America. Saddam has no such weapons.

12. Sharon paid murderous thugs to kill 2,000 unarmed children, woman and elderly at Sabra and Chatila in 1982. Saddam does not pay others to do his killings.

13. Sharon artillery targeted hundreds of unarmed civilians at the Qana UN compound in 1996. Saddam has never targeted and killed children and women in a UN camp.

14. Sharon is against Camp David, Oslo and Mitchell. Saddam is not.

I hope that readers will contact their representative in Washington, and request actioon on this urgent matter. Our pin-point, accurate and humanitarian bombing could take out all Israeli military assets and infrastructure without the killing of any civilians.

We could pay Palestinian freedom fighters for the ground-war cleanup and this would insure a low, acceptable American body count. Importantly, one less rogue nuclear country, would make the entire world a more secure place for our children and grandchildren.

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