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Text of the outreach flyer for counterinaugural actions being circulated by the DC based Justice Action Movement.
Reposted by Hammerhard MediaWorks


This year's election got you down? Tired of a government that excludes the people? Join the Justice Action Movement (JAM) and make your voice heard at the
Presidential Inauguration!


JAM is a multi-issue coalition protest the inauguration of a president "elected" through an exclusionary political system more beholden to corporate interests than to people. Organizations and activists from across the country are contacting our website to participate in a full week of Inaugurauction activities,

- January 13th to January 20th -

Join us in trainings, teach-ins, puppet-making, street theater, a parade the InaugurAUCTION Ball, and anything else you would like to see there! Get your viewpoint represented and make your voice HEARD!

January 20th 2001 MUST be remembered not as the coronation of King George but as an historic landmark in the struggle against the anti- human / anti-environment death machine of modern corporate globalization. The moment is NOW. Come dance in the streets! Celebrate!! Activate!!!

The criminalization of so many sectors of our society, the poor, people of color, youth, welfare mothers, and labor and political activists has a clear motive to crackdown on demands for social and economic justice. From the environment, to the death penalty, campaign finance and electoral reform, police brutality and racism, international trade, labor rights, housing, genetically modified food, living wages, animal protection, and the prison, military and media-industrial complexes, let's send an unforgettable message that we will not sit idly by while our country and our lives are sold to the highest corporate bidder.

JAM advocates a political system that gives each person full representation and justice and seeks to expose the increasing corporate influence on every aspect of our lives, including corporate domination on the two major political parties. Everything, from our democracy, to the environment to our genetic heritage is on the auction block. In the U.S. and abroad, resources are diverted away from human needs and used to fund vast militaries, police forces, prisons and other weapons to wage war to violently protect corporate "rights" to profit.

CONTRIBUTE and CO-SPONSOR! For information on listing your group as a co-sponsor and for regular updates on activities, contacts and meetings, visit .

To post your event, click on 'Calendar'.

Convergence space, housing for visitors, vehicles for transporting puppets, and contributions to launch this mobilization are sought. Make checks payable to Mintwood Media Collective - InaugurAuction and mail them to 1858 Mintwood Place, #4 Washington DC 20009.

Suggested donations for co-sponsoring organizations:
$50- $100.



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