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Sunday, March 3: Midwest Convergence to Support Taco Bell Boycott Caravan

BOYCOTT TACO BELL! Join us on March 3 for the Midwest Convergence to celebrate the National Taco Bell Boycott Caravan's arrival in Chicago. Help support migrant
farmworkers, students and activists traveling in a cross country caravan through 15 major US cities to tell the truth about how TACO BELL profits from farmerworker poverty.

Join us on Sunday, March 3 for the Midwest Convergence to celebrate the National Taco Bell Boycott Caravan.

Who's Coming?
Immokalee Workers and by local Latino community and labor groups, such as the V&V Supremo workers, the Carrousel workers, and the Latino Union of Chicago.

MARCH AND ACTIONS! (Details to be announced)

Participate in the Festive March with drums, puppets, Chihuahuas and creative actions at local Taco Bells!

Have fun at the TACO BELL BOYCOTT FESTIVAL at the A-ZONE, with Latino bands, Latino rappers and a Northwestern student band!


Enjoy a great SETH TOBACMAN slide show at 8:00 PM

For more info, including contact & housing: call (773) 583-7728, or visit our website.

Background articles on Taco Bell and the Florida Agricultural Workers Struggle:

St. Petersburg Times: Taco Bell should help tomato pickers

Weekly Planet: Getting 'Em Where it Hurts

Other Caravan Stops:

- TAMPA, FL Thursday, Feb. 28, 2002

- ATLANTA, GA Friday, March 1

- SOUTH BEND, IN Saturday, March 2

- CHICAGO, IL Sunday, March 3: Midwest Convergence

- MADISON, WI Monday, March 4

- DENVER, CO Wednesday, March 6

- SAN FRANCISCO, CA Friday, March 8

- FRESNO, CA Saturday, March 9

- RISE UP 2002: LOS ANGELES Sunday, March 10
(includes a Day of music, workshops, panels and ACTIONS)

- IRVINE,CA - Mon. March 11: March on Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters!

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