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Neither Their War Nor Their Peace

On April 20, bring the spirit of Quebec City to Washington!
Tired bodies trudge through forgotten streets. Banners flap in the wind, invisible to all but those who carry them. Poorly written speeches screech over a dismal sound system. Denizens of an obselete political ghetto plead for some--any--degree of recognition from the echelons of capital and the state.

A typical leftist rally? Yes, and since September 11, the trap into which too many of us who stand in militant opposition to all authoritarianism, hierarchy and oppression have fallen.

The weekend of April 20 presents a unique opportunity for the North American anarchist movement. Denied a typical "mobilization" structure, thousands of demonstrators are still expected to converge against the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Simultaneously, tens of thousands will challenge George Bush's "war without end" against the Islamic world, Colombia, and North America. Participants will run the spectrum from well-meaning reformists (United Students Against Sweatshops) to political parasites (the International Socialist Organization) to organizations with genuine revolutionary potential (New York City Labor Against the War).

This rare convergence of forces in opposition to globalization and militarism calls for a response from those of us willing to raise our eyesights to capitalism and the state.

Nor more than ever, we must practice healthy security culture. We cannot rely on public organizations, such as the Anti-Capitalist Convergence, to formulate extensive scenarios. Neither can we issue open calls for militant contingents to march in black, using tactics that had outlived their usefulness long before September 11.

At the same time, we cannot afford to waste even one more opportunity for continuing our tradition of militant resistance on a harmless series of marches and rallies. Our class and our planet demand far more from us.

Rather, we must return to the roots of militant organization. Affinity groups and clusters, composed of those who know and trust each other, have always had the greatest potential for revolutionary action. And in the capital of a de facto world empire, suitable targets will hardly be difficult to research.

Let's take it to the streets!



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