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The ALLIANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE JOBS AND THE ENVIRONMENT (ASJE) is a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world where nature is protected, the worker is respected, and unrestrained corporate power is rejected, through grassroots education, organization, and action. JOIN US FOR OUR ANNUAL MEETING IN PORTLAND, OREGON!

Mark your calendars: the third annual membership meeting of the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment (ASJE) will be held on Saturday and Sunday, April 6-7, at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

The weekend's activities will be focused on building cooperation between labor and environmental activists through presentations and discussions on economic globalization, toxics, energy policies, economic recovery, corporate accountability, and more. Hands-on workshops will also cover the culture of the labor and environmental movements, skills development, and building "blue-green" relationships at the community level.

"The weekend's program will engage activists in developing innovative and action-oriented approaches to the issues that strengthen the voice of working people and environmental advocates everywhere," says Tara Widner, ASJE President.

Pursuant to the ASJE bylaws, election of six of the 12 members of the ASJE board of directors will be held on Sunday, April 7, at the ASJE annual membership meeting. Three of the directors will be elected by ASJE's environmental membership, and three by labor membership. An elections committee consisting of ASJE board members Karen Pickett and Lee Sandahl will administer the election. Nominations for the board can be made by sending a letter to Elections Committee, ASJE, 1025 SE Madison #100-D, Portland, OR 97214.

There is no advance registration for the conference, and no registration fees. The weekend will include musical troubadours, stimulating ideas, some street action, and lots of fun and inspiration -- so please join us in Portland for all the excitement.

ASJE is a labor and environmental membership organization with the mission of building a world where "nature is protected, the worker is respected, and unrestrained corporate greed is rejected." ASJE's program is carried out through five Working Groups which will be convened during the annual meeting. Current organization work focuses on stopping Fast Track trade authority, building opposition to the corporate "Trade in Services" agenda,
developing worker friendly approaches to power plant clean up and climate change, and creating good jobs through a "high road" approach to watershed and forest restoration.

Please check our website: for more information on ASJE and the annual meeting.

Contact can be made with the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment at (503)736-9777, email: admin (at)



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