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Finnish police moral and ethic

Article describes in short some of the latest top police crimes taken place at Finland.
[Internal business information bulletin on Feb 9 2002; rewritten to public and open on Feb 22 2002]


BI-FIN - Police woman police serving at Vantaa district has been given a writ for assault and a battery; "A patrol was send to calm down a drunken police woman" commented the local yellow page newspapers Iltalehti (Source: Iltalehti, thu 07 Feb 2002, p. 3) the happening having taken place on last summer. I wonder how this came public in the first place?
The same police department is handling a scandal were a police officer having committed 41 batteries and assaults were hired to a police post. -The cop had beaten his wife. I'm sure all women readers would love to marry one?
Nothing unusual at Finland; Lappeenranta police official was arrested as "a possible robber" having stolen money brought to the police department (Source: STT, 7 Feb 2002) and Turku Police Commissioner himself was fired "as being involved in a drug crime (Source: STT, 8 Feb 2002)". One of the worst case exist at Valkeakoski, were police stole heritage.
The only diffrence to Russia is to the fact of Moscow police picking their victims from the street (Source: Aamulehti).
It is time to ask "Wild West" has turned into "Wild East"?

(Ake Tyvi, Apupoika - Business Intelligence Finland)



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