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School of Americas Protest video on cable

Labor Beat's next show covers the November 2000 protest against School of Americas.
"Welcome Peace Makers: Stop the School of Assassins"

CAN-TV, Channel 19, Chicago
Thursday, 9:30 pm, Dec. 28
Friday, 4:30 pm, Dec. 29
Thursday, 9:30 pm, Jan. 4
Friday, 4:30 pm, Jan. 5


For over ten years, the group known as SAO Watch, headed by Fr. Roy
Bougerois, has enacted a solemn vigil protest at Ft. Benning, GA and
specifically The School of Americas which is located inside.

The School of Americas trains military officers for Central and South
American countries. These soldiers become the shock troops for the
multi-national corporations and have assassinated many labor activists and
organizers, as well as thousands of others.

In the past year, SOA Watch lobbied Congress hard with the results of a small
cut in funding and a name change. As Rev. Tim McDonald states in the video,
"It's the the same game with the same name and the same shame." This year
the Globalization movement was invited to attend and participate and added
art and drama to the protest. About 10,000 people attended on two cold, rain
filled days of November 18-19, 2000.

LABOR BEAT conducted interviews with Steelworkers from Pittsburgh, UE members
from Iowa City, and a Carpenter Union sponsored retired social worker from
British Columbia, Canada. Union participation was small, but as in all human
rights struggles, present.

The video "Welcome Peace Makers: Stop School of Assassins"
can be ordered for $25.
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