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The 2007 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

Chicago Indymedia has once again proved itself as a news and organizing resource for Chicagoans concerned about social justice and the efforts for a better Chicago.
The past year 2007 is no different; Chicago Indymedia has covered the unserved and underserved stories, and has also broken stories that then appear in the corporate media.

For the fifth year, we present the Chicago Indymedia Year in Review. The collection of stories for the previous year 2007 — more than 380 of them (a new record!) — are divided chronologically into ten categories:

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
Education and Youth Organizing
Electoral Politics / Local Government
Environment and Health Organizing
International Affairs and Immigrant Rights
LGBT Organizing
Labor Organizing and Economic Justice
Media Democracy
Peace Organizing
In Memoriam

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights
More Testimony Comes to Light in Post-trial Motion for Patrick Thompson

Chicago Cops Shoot, Kill Many More than Other Big City Police Departments

Amnesty International Responds to Salah Verdict

Chicago Cop Who Shot and Killed Paraplegic Man Goes On Trial Monday

INDY MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Federal Jury Finds Cops Planted Gun to Justify Shooting

The Frame-Up That Fell Apart

Free speech in danger, says local activist convicted by Feds

What the appeals court in Chicago did today, and why it should bug you

No Indictment in Emmett Till Case

Anti-War Organizer Sues City For Civil Liberties Violations

Message to the City Snoops

Chicago and Cook County Govt. Spend $20M+ to Defend the use of Torture on Citizens

Sentencing of Aaron Patterson Set for April 12

Tape of Second Cop Bar Beating Withheld

Letter from Jamie Kalven about recent court actions

CORRECTED Information About Aaron Patterson's Court Date This Thursday

Ruling Expected in Chicago Activist's Freedom of Speech Appeal

INDY MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Daley Scheduled to be Deposed in Torture Case(s)

Case Against "Tasty Six" Dismissed

War at Home: Torture: City Exposed on Burge Cases

Peace Activist Attacked at Logan Square

Benton Harbor on the Brink: Reverend's Conviction Shows Racial Tensions Still Boiling in Southwest Michigan Town

County Board Hearing on Police Torture: Wednesday, 10:30 AM

Cook County Board to Vote on Police Torture Resolutions Today

Peaceful Protest Nixed in West Suburbs

Secret trials for terrorists, says Chicago judge

Federal Judge Rejects City's Attempt to Conceal Police Brutality Allegations

Cook County Board Unanimously Passes Chicago Police Torture Resolutions

Judge Orders Release of Police Data

Activist Aaron Patterson Faces Sentencing This Friday

Judge Lefkow grants Kalven motion to unseal documents re: alleged police abuses

An update from Jamie Kalven ("What are they hiding?")

Road Rage With a Badge and a Gun

Chicago West SideTeen Killed by Police Shot in Back

Friday, August 10: 8 PM — Rally to Protest Police Shooting of Aaron Harrison in the Back

Pics From West Side Rally vs Police Brutality, plus news of upcoming protests

Funeral Information for Police Shooting Victim Aaron Harrison, Jr.

Aaron Patterson Sentenced to 30 years to Life

Chairman Fred Hampton Leads Protest At Chicago Police Headquarters With Family Of Aaron Harrison

Police kill another man on the south side

Chicago Police Killed Yet Another Young Black Man Today

Chicago Police Arrest Photographer at Community Unity Rally Against Police Brutality and Misconduct

Anti-Racist Skinhead Murders Vietnamese Man

Anti-Racist Skinhead Targets Asian Men

Free the Jena 6 March and Rally in Chicago

Andy Thayer arrested, then released

On South Side, hundreds board buses to join Jena 6 protest

Chicagoans rally to support Jena 6

Chicagoans Supported Jena 6 Right Here

Chicago police again mired in scandal

From Jamie Kalven: City denies aldermen access to police documents

Mon Oct 22 - Protest Police Brutality at Federal Plaza

Chicago Cops Found Guilty of Jamming Screw-driver Up Rectum of 20-Year-Old Black Man

Blackwater training US police - including the CPD

Federal Jury Finds Chicago Cops Guilty of Framing Man

Nov. 8: Sentencing of Abdelhaleem Ashqar

Nearly 1/2 of Chicago Cops Sued for Fatally Shooting People Were Previously Sued for Misconduct

Two Black men killed/'die in police custody' in 2 days

Missed Signals

BREAKING NEWS: $20 Million Settlement in 4 Burge Torture Cases

The Skinny On Today's Huge Police Torture Case Settlement

Obama Supports Homegrown Terrorism Bill

Benton Harbor, MI: Reverend Edward Pinkney Jailed for Speaking Out

Life in Prison for Lending Car!

Reverend Pinkney Arrested For Exercising Free Speech, On Hunger Strike In Berrien County Jail

Education and Youth Organizing
MLK Day Disrespected on Some Chicago Campuses

March 20 Student Day of Action Against the War

Chicago Inner-city Youth Travel To Reconstruct New Orleans

Finkelstein Tenure Struggle

Students Demonstrate in Support of Finkelstein.

More Finkelstein Pictures

Urbana student facing expulsion proceedings in Chicago - HELP SAVE RAY!

DePaul students stage 29-hour Sit-Out, Receive Some Demands

Update: DePaul students stage 28-hour Sit-Out, Receive Some Demands

Emergency Meeting Called For Austin Community Tuesday Night

Pro-Palestine Professor Finkelstein Denied Tenure at DePaul

Finkelstein Protest

DePaul Students Sit-In for Academic Freedom!

Solidarity Picket with DePaul Students' Sit-In to Protect

DePaul chief may face vote of no confidence

Students, Faculty, Community, Rally for Finkelstein

DePaul Students Stand-off Against Administration


CNN Wire: Chicago's Austin Polytech and Inner City School Reform

Chicago Activist Discovers Hispanic Youth Harshly "Treated" at Indiana Detention Center

Latino Counter-recruitment Group to Protest Military Recruiters at LULAC Youth 'Job' Fair

Student Freedom Riders Advocate For New High School at Board of Education Meeting

Warehousing Kids in Cook County

Urgent Need to Right Wrongs at DePaul University

DePaul pulls plug on controversial professor

DePaul Convocation Protest Demands Justice for Prof. Finkelstein

Finkelstein Resigns

Report of Counter-Recruitment Action of SDS-UIC

Reading, writing, recruiting?

Daley, Emmanuel, Duncan attack 'Naysayers' at dedication of Chicago Marine Military Academy

CPD Targets Students

Scores of H.S. Students Face Expulsion Following Antiwar Sit-In

Morton Parents Call for Amnesty

Free Speech Not on Curriculum for Berwyn High Schoolers

Parents of Suspended Morton West Students Hold Press Conference

Letter from Morton West Parents to the Superintendent

Morton School Officials Pressure Students to Finger Ringleader

NYT: Students Call Protest Punishment Too Harsh

ACLU asks Morton West High School to back off suspensions, possible expulsions

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial: Unfair penalty for students who spoke up

Parents, activists rip school board


Monday 11/12 Rally for Morton W Students: 9 AM

Interview with Adam of Berwyn High School on Student Sit in.

PUSH backs Morton students on war protest

Morton Students May Get Reprieve

Expulsions Dropped for the Morton 25

Parents of Morton Student Protestors Shout Out Thanks

Alderman Mary Ann Smith Proposes to Close Senn, again

Press Conference on Repression of Student Activist

Youth/Students Rise Up For the People of Iraq and Iran on November 16th

Military training program for teens expands in US

Officials, Community Convene At City Hall On Wednesday Morning — Intensity Builds Over Inadequate High School Space In Chicago's Largest Community

Austin Polytech makes a Global Business Connection

Electoral Politics / Local Government
Raises, Cuts, - we need data!

Skepticism about Ald. Troutman bribery case

Will County Green Party Condemns IDOT Threat

Pilsen Green Party Endorses Cuahutemoc Morfin for 25th Ward Alderman

20th Ward Aldermanic Forum this Saturday. Alderman Troutman & opponent Edward Chaney confirmed.

Endorsements in Aldermanic elections

Major Breakthrough in Cook County Budget Crisis: Commissioners vs. Stroger

Cook County Board butchers public healthcare, jobs, passes bad budget

Voters in the 32nd and 43 Wards may want to know …

Local News Briefs: Cook County Cuts, Boeing Protest, ICE raids

Anti-war and Global Warming Advisory Questions to Appear on Berwyn Township Ballot

Green Party Candidate Will Run in Illinois' 10th U.S. Congressional District

McHenry County Dems Withdraw from Crystal Lake Parade in Protest

Kalbfleisch Will Focus on Election Reform

2008 Green Party National Convention in Chicago

Democratic House Officials Recruited Wealthy Conservatives

Will the Democratic challenger honor his words by demanding Kalbfleisch's inclusion in the general election debtates?

Kalbfleisch receives ballot access challenge from Lake County Democratic Party

Green Party will slate Kalbfleisch into the 2008 general election (rev)

Environment and Health Organizing
Save County Services! Demonstration and Rally Jan. 29th

Hospital Workers, Community Protest Cook County Cuts in Services

NRC Rulemaking on Terror Attacks a "Deliberate and Institutionalized Threat" to Illinois

Hundreds turn out to protest County cuts

Student Nurses Day

Voices and more pics from Monday's Protest Against County Healthcare Cuts

EFF: Chicago Car Expo Threatens Online Critics with Bogus Trademark Claims

Conscious Choice and Midwest Generation

10 Hours Left to Clean up Coal in Cook County

Business Groups Lobbying Stroger Hard to Veto New County Pollution Tax!

DOE's new Nuclear plan "Forward - Into the Past", critics argue

Come Celebrate International Sex Workers Rights Day!

Community Health Advocates Launch Informational Picket of Todd Stroger's Church

Meeting to Organize Against the Threatened Cook County Health Cuts

Clinics to be closed!

Long Term Care Patients Occupy 159th St. on Friday, Requiem for Closed Clinics Monday

FRIDAY: Nurses and Other Community Members Protest Clinic Closing

Mrs Barack Obama: spokesperson for animal torturing vivisectors at Univ of Chicago

Cook County Board Unanimously Rejects DOE's GNEP Nuclear Plans

Protest against closing long term care at Oak forest hospital

naked bike ride

Pilsenites protest proposed Podmajersky parking plot

Pilsen residents rally and march in support of community garden

Video of Michael Moore rally

MIchael Moore, Nurses, rally at Blue Cross HQ

Sick(o) skating in Humboldt Park

Kalbfleisch Reaction to Kirk's BP Protest

BP Gets OK To Dump Mercury In Lake Michigan

Join us for the first BP Day of Action!

Sears/Land's End takes Fire for Catalog Policies with Protests at State Street Store

When the public has been over-warned

Amanda Jones' health care nightmare

Critical Mass Arrests

Bicyclist Killed by Garbage Truck

"Austin Has One Of The Highest Levels Of Lead In Chicago" - Free Lead Awareness Programs Combats Lead Poisoning

International Affairs and Immigrant Rights
Photos/Video of Guantanamo Protest and Arrests

Photos: Protest Guantanamo's 5th Anniversary

Latin America Solidarity Coalition Conference slated for Chicago: April 14-15, 2007

Play about murdered U.S. Activist Rachel Corrie opens Sunday in Oak Park

Dr. Simon says … Send home illegal immigrants. We say… Send home Dr. Simon.

Picket FRIDAY NOON at Irish Consulate for Irish POW

Elvira Arellano Begins New Hunger Strike

Action Alert: FBI and ICE Raid Heart of Little Village with Machine Guns: Community Demands End to Agency's Recklessness

Update: Tuesday, May 1 - Mass March for Immigrant Rights

Mayday Anti-Authoriarian Bloc

Video of May Day March 07

Initial Account of 150,000-worker May Day 2007

Democracy Now!: May Day 2007: Hundreds of Thousands March for Immigrant Rights

Chicago Mayday 2007 - Images from the Street


Protest 40 Years of Occupation

Elvira Arellano case to go to Supreme Court

Illinois-based Your Solutions Inc. Smuggling Chilean Mercenaries

Waukegan: Our Neighbors Need Our Help

Immigrant Community to Dem Candidates: Stop Raids, Deportations Now!

Palestinian doctor paints picture of Gaza under siege

Pakistani Community to Protest Against Obama

Pics from Today's Devon Avenue Protest vs Obama's Threats Against Pakistan

Local Immigrant Rights Activist Elvira Arrellano Anounces Plans To Head To Washington

Immigrant Rights Activist Elvira Arrellano Arrested in LA — Solidarity Actions in Chicago Tonight and Tomorrow

Protest Arrest of Elvira Arellano Tonight

Obomb 'em Calls for Continuation of Cuba Embargo

Chicago Burma Solidarity Report

Friends of Murdered IMC Journalist Brad Will Demand Hold on Mexico Military Aid

Council of Pakistani Organizations Protest Tomorrow Fed Plaza

LGBT Organizing
Marriage Equality Day 2007!

FRIDAY: Protest Gen. Peter Pace — gay-hater and head of the Iraq occupation

Pace Protesters Target Homophobia, War

Anti-Gay Forces Re-Launch Drive For Illinois Constitutional Amendment

March with the anti-hate / anti-war contingent in Sunday's Gay Pride Parade!

Chicago's Biggest Pride Parade Ever! Gives Warm Welcome to Progressive Contingent

Russian Gay Leader to Keynote Oct. 6th Matthew Shepard March

Russian Gay Leader Media Appearances Before Oct. 6th Shepard March

Matthew Shepard March for Gay Freedom Goes by Wrigley Field Following Cubs Loss

Federal Suit Says Markham Police Gay-Bashed Long Time Resident

Labor Organizing and Economic Justice
HUD and CHA Tenants force HUD to Fight Corruption

Latinos join fight for Tenants Rights

Protest at HUD Headquarters forces negotiations with Midwest Director - 8 Tenant Councils Demand HUD stop funding corruption, start respecting tenants

Manifestacion en la sede del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano Impulsa Negociaciones con Director del Medio-oeste - 8 Consejos de Inquilinos exigen fin a corrupcion y respeto para los inquilinos

Video: With These Hands I Demand the Future that Poverty Wages Have Stolen from Me

Immokalee Workers Return to Chicago; Excitement Builds for April Mobilization!

SFA/CIW Midwest ECUENTRO Feb 23-24!

Feb. 22: Chicago hotel workers tell 2nd Ward Alderman to "Get Out!"

Zack de la Rocha confirmed for April Chicago Immokalee protests

Wal-Mart puts Smiley Faces on incumbent Chicago aldermen

Day Laborers To Protest Beauty Products Company, Feb. 21

Heartland Alliance releases 2007 Report on Illinois Poverty

Last-Minute Chicago Campaign Money Could Hurt Living Wage Push

Victory for San Lucas Worker-Leaders at H2O+

Stop STEALTH condos - vote Wed !!

The Chicago Interactive Labor Trail

Events and Actions this week with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Historic mobilization and Carnaval for Farmworker Justice - Just 3 weeks to go!

Corporate abuse: Unfair labor practices exposing violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 & Union Corruption: Teamsters Local Union, No. 435


On May First, Labor Day Was Born in Chicago, USA

Chicago Couriers Union kicks it downtown! [Part One]

Corporate abuse exposing unfair labor practices in violation Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Union Corruption involving Teamsters local Union-435

SWU Commemorates Third Anniversary as Union Expands to Second Chicago Store

Starbucks Settles Case with Barista Over Anti-Union Termination

Chicago and the Olympics: Pushing the poor out of house and home

1st National Restaurant Workers Convening Aug 3 and 4

Battle of the Viaduct Rally

Chicago area immigrant workers strike—without a union

Only 24 Homeless Live In Downtown Chicago

Victory in Cygnus Strike - Labor Beat video stream

NABET 41 Protests Disney/ABC - Labor Beat YouTube

Grove Parc Tenants Say Clearly: "We Won't Go!"

ADAPT to Target Blagojevich This Week

80 ADAPT Disability Activists Arrested Attacking Segregation in Chicago

BREAKING: ADAPT Lockdown in downtown Chicago underway (and a gap)

Activists lay siege to AMA building

Labor and Neighborhoods: Organizing in Theory and Practice in Rogers Park, Chicago

U of C Workers Rally - YouTube

Skokie Cabbies Organize for Their Rights

Chicago: Richard Berg and New Leadership Slate Win Teamster 743 Local Election

Labor and Neighborhoods: Organizing in Theory and Practice in Rogers Park, Chicago: An Introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World

New Study to Expose Bank of America's Record in Chicago's Communities of Color

Photos from bk protests

South side Jay's Workers Fight to Keep Their Jobs

Grove Parc Today, Tomorrow It Will Be You - YouTube by Labor Beat

Peru Trade Agreement Action at Obama HQ - video stream

Media Democracy
Media Issues activism Saturday in Memphis - flyer

The 2007 National Conference for Media Reform: A Chicagoan Reports Back

Hold ATandT Accountable - Join The Coalition

Cable regulation - A Chicago Media Action response in the Chicago Tribune

14 Illinois legislators ask FCC to consider Tribune's illegal duopoly request

Petition to Deny filed by Chicago Media Action rejected by FCC

'Chicago Sun-Times' Looks to Redefine Itself as 'Liberal, Working-Class' Paper

'Sun-Times': Cancel That Left Turn

Chicago to host FCC Media Ownership Hearing, September 20

Printer's Ball Busted By Police; Chicago Blogosphere Wigs Out

FCC announces venue of Chicago Sept. 20 hearing: Operation Push Nat'l HQ

Video of extended "testimony" for Chicago FCC hearing, Sept. 20


FCC Announces Agenda for Public Hearing on Media Ownership in Chicago, Illinois

Consolidation Cuts Off Chicago Communities

Chicago City Hall Bans Distribution of Free Newspapers

FCC Rocks Chicago; Chicago Rocks Back

Complete audio of 2007 Chicago FCC Media Ownership hearing now available


Protest Lou Dobbs, 11/28

Report from the December 7, 2007 Chicago Media Action Holiday Singalong at Tribune Tower

Chicago Media Action statement about the FCC's controversial 2007 cross-ownership vote

Peace Organizing
Photos: Tonight's vigils/3K US casualties in Iraq

Antiwar Protestors Target Emanuel's Dem Press Event

Additional Thursday Counter-Surge Actions

Durban on Iraq escalation: "The thought that we could stop this in its tracks I don't believe is practical."

Chicago Congressional Delegation Backs War

Report: Antiwar, Labor Groups Meet Here with Emanuel

Blackwater USA: Our Mercenaries in Iraq - now in Ilinois

jan 27 dc photos

SOA 16 Trial: Chicago, Illinois Resident Sentenced to Two Months for Crossing the Line

Feb. 5: Illinois Occupation Project Begins

The Occupation Project: War Opponents Occupy Congressional Offices

Timeline of Corporate Warriors Leads to Illinois

The Latest Occupation: Activists Nationwide Confront Congresspeople about Military Funding on Their Own Ground

O'Bomb 'em confronted by anti-war protesters @ UIC

Durbin's Closed-Door Policy in Chicago

New Motions in Rumsfeld Suit Unveil Web of Intrigue

Four Chicago women arrested at Dirsken Bldg. in war funding protest

Statement of February 11 Obama Rally Antiwar Protesters

From Closed-Door to Closed-Building at Senator Durbin's Office

Student Feeder March at University Center/Next Student M-20 Planning Meeting

Chicago radicals will barricade war machine in Pittsburgh

Operation: P.O.O.P.

Chicago radicals barricade war machine with Pittsburghers

Illinois Occupation Project: 2 arrested at the office of Rep. Rahm Emanuel

3/17 Pilsen March for Peace and Justice

Long-time Pacifist Activist Brad Lyttle Sues City Over Arrest on 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

Reportback from Washington/Pilsen Anti-War protests on Saturday

M-17: Two Saturday Actions

TV Links for M20 Mass Action

basic account of March 20th Anti-War march

Photos from March 20th Anti-War Protest

M20 Chicago News Photos and Clips

Photos/M20: Thousands March Against the War

Supplemental war budget passes House by razor-thin margin

House Votes to Fund War - Military Families Speak Out Issues Certificates of Ownership for Congressman who voted Yes

My thoughts on the March 20 antiwar march on Chicago's Michigan Avenue

Obama says Congress will fund Iraq war after expected Bush veto

account of the "break up with boeing party"

Photos from Boeing Protest

Lurking Beneath the Surface of Blackwater North

New Cindy Sheehan Article on Politicians and Activists Who Support the War Funding

Pastor to be imprisoned for act of conscience

BLACKWATER, IN ILLINOIS (80 miles west of Chicago)

Anti-Veto Rallies: More than 300 Nationwide

Congress okays billions for Iraq war - The vote from Illinois

Dem Party Leadership Orchestrates Passage of Iraq War Spending Bill: The View from Illinois

Court-Martial For Chicago Soldier With PTSD

Vets Gather to Mark Memorial Day, Oppostion to War

Boeing Subsidiary Sued for Role in Torture Flights

ACLU Sues Boeing Subsidiary for Participation in CIA Kidnapping and Torture Flights

Kalbfleisch Will Participate in OFC - Chicago

Support Iraq Veterans Against the War's OPERATION FIRST CASUALTY

Warrior Writers Art Opening

Baghdad on the Lake: How America's third-largest Iraqi city is coping with the war

Operation First Casualty Photos

Chicago IMC video footage of "Operation First Casualty"

Operation First Casuality - Slideshow from the Daily Herald

Chicagoans Are Honking for Impeachment

Orange—The Shade of Impeachment

Secret Blackwater Illinois Camp

8-11: Gathering At The Gate: Blackwater North

Hillary Clinton is coming into town, for those of you who like throwing a good protest.

Charges Dropped for Local Iraq Vet

Troops Out Now offers Unity Proposal for National September Action

Antiwar Protest at Durbin's office ends in 8 arrests.

Location for Anti-War Protest At Dems' Presidential Debate

Photos of Blackwater Protest

Quick report on Blackwater action

Activists Arrested at Chicago Federal Building today

Barack the Bomber, on YouTube from Labor Beat

Sat., Sept. 8th: Not one more DIME for the War!

Trib Story on an Antiwar Victory over Blackwater at U of I

Photos from 9/8 Action at Rahm Emanuels's Office

Iraq Veterans Against the War Reach Out at Jesse Brown VA

Mon. 10AM: Iraq Veterans Kick Off Campaign to Shut Down Military Recruitment

Pics of Saturday's Anti-War March in DC

Anti-war veterans crash North Side recruiting office

PWW Reports on October 27 Mobilization in Chicago

Chicagoans Launch Fall Antiwar Surge

Saturday, October 27: END THE WAR NOW!

Loyola Anti-War Network (LAWN) Sponsors Series: "Define Impeach!"

Today at noon! Transvestites, Clowns to Try to Join Military Today

Cross-dressers Try to Befriend Recruiters, Leave Military Men in a Tizzy

OCT 27 Using Anarchist Action Photos to Promo

Democrats, the 2008 Elections, Iraq, and the Antiwar Movement

10/22: Local Congressmen to Announce 10/27 Mobilization

OCT. 30: C.I.A. Director in Chicago - Hold Him Accountable!

15 Antiwar Protesters Arrested at Durbin's office

Radio Ad MP3 Links for Oct 27 Mobilization

Statement on October 27th demo

Impeachment Demonstration Outside Rahm Emanuel's Chicago office.

Oct. 27 Mobe: "Out Now" Morphs into "Give Diplomacy a Chance"

Update: Student Feeder March and Guerilla Theatre Convergence

Documenting the Chicago Peace Movement

Smaller Than Expected Crowd For Democratic Party Rally

Peace Group Condemns Excessive Force Against Students

Photos from O27

Downtown Chicago Memorial To Mark Antiwar Suicide Anniversary

Houses Approves War Funds, but Dem Majority Votes 'No'

In Memoriam
VVAW's Bill Davis, 2007, a Sad Loss for All of Us



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