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EXPLOSIVE Health Study to help Chemical Injured

Hot new health study available to help chemical injured workers. Everyone should have this information in their homes. It has everything you need in it.

HOT NEWS RELEASE Urgent Community Topical Issue

For Immediate Release

Today's Date: February 21st, 2002


The world's leading chemical exposure expert, American author

Debora Townsend PhD - who is dying from toxic chemical exposure after

suffering severe poisoning at the computer company at which she worked,

has written a fascinating new book about her EXPLOSIVE twelve-year study

on the devastating health effects of toxic chemical exposure on high-tech

employees in the computer manufacturing industry. This is the first and only

study that addresses this very serious community issue.

"Deadly Employment: How to Survive Toxic Chemical Exposure &

Poisoning…"© focuses on humanely helping the injured who are now faced with a

very serious and permanent health crisis. Before this study, there has been no help

for the thousands of victims of toxic chemical exposure.

Not only does "…How to Survive Toxic Chemical Exposure & Poisoning…"©

address these health concerns, it also contains groundbreaking life-saving health

solutions to help the injured prolong their life. This expert also explains in detail the

meaning of all those serious puzzling symptoms the affected-one may be

experiencing, i.e. wheezing, nausea, vomiting, red eye, nosebleeds, black gums,

skin problems, cysts, diarrhea, miscarriages, brain damage, joint problems, hair loss,

breast cancer and other cancers and much more. Biochemical exposure and

anthrax aftercare are also addressed. Help is finally available for those suffering from

toxic chemical exposure. This invaluable information is already helping many people

get back on the road to enjoying some level of recovered health.

Not since the days of the coal mine workers and Black Lung Disease has

such a story been told. This is a 'clean' silent killer. Find out the details.

Along with its technologies, the high-tech industry in the U.S.'s

Silicon Valley has also exported to all parts of the world its deadly toxic

chemicals and a pandora's box of deadly health hazards. Find out what

they are.

It is imperative that you educate yourself about this critical issue of high-tech

toxic chemical exposure to protect yourself and your loved ones. The U.S. (S.F.

Bay Area in the far lead) has the highest number in the world of occupational and

environmental health problems from high-tech development. Yet this is now a

global issue. Exposure silently happens daily to thousands of unsuspecting

workers. We have received thousands of complaints from high-tech workers around

the globe who are having serious health problems from high-tech chemical exposure

or know someone who is.

Suffering victims will greatly benefit from this unprecedented study. The next

victim could be YOU or your loved one. Before being injured this way, the author

was totally unaware of the problem just like yourself. It may be too late for her and

all the others who have already succumbed, but this study can help you. We can all

do our part to help save lives.

For more life-saving information on this explosive new study and steps you

can take to safeguard your health and protect your life, visit: .

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