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Haddad Case Fuels Concerns About Attacks on Civil Rights

The case of incarcerated Muslim cleric Rabiyah Haddad has drawn increasing support from civil liberties advocates, peace activists and supporters of immigrant rights, who have decried his imprisonment as a gross violation of due process and civil rights. Check out this Free Speech Radio News report for more info on the case.
Last December, the FBI seized the assets of the Global Relief Foundation, which raises funds for humanitarian projects in 22 countries, including Afghanistan and Chechnya. Officials said at the time that they believed Global Relief could be funding terrorism – an allegation the charity flatly denies and for which the government has yet to provide proof. The same day, Immigration and Naturalization Service officials arrested Rabiyah Haddad, a co-founder of Global Relief and a respected local Muslim ecumenical leader, at his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Haddad, who was seeking status as a legal permanent resident, was charged with overstaying a tourist visa. Chris Geovanis of the Chicago Independent Media Center, filed this report, available below as an mp3 file.



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