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Christmas in Washington DC

Hey, yah all. Here's the song I wrote about the state of the nation. Enjoy the holidays and then... Give 'em hell on January 20th!
Christmas In Washington

It was Christmastime in Washington and the Democrats rehearsed
Gettin' into gear for four more years of things not gettin' worse
The Republicans drank whiskey neat and thanked their lucky stars
They said, "He cannot seek another term there'll be no more F.D.R.'s"
I was back in Tennessee starin' at the screen
With a queasy feelin' in my chest and wonderin' what it means

Come back Woody Guthrie come back to us now
Tear your eyes from paradise and rise again somehow
If you run into Jesus maybe He can help you out
Come back Woody Guthrie to us now

I followed in your footsteps once back in my travelin' days
Somewhere I failed to find your trail now I'm stumblin' through the haze
There's killers on the highway now and a man can't get around
So I sold my soul for wheels that roll now I'm stuck here in this town

There's foxes in the henhouse cows out in the corn
The unions have been busted their proud red banners torn
To listen to the radio you'd think that all was well
But you and me and Cisco know it's goin' straight to hell
So come back Emma Goldman rise up old Joe Hill
The barricades are goin' up they cannot break our will
Come back to us Malcolm X and Martin Luther King
We're marchin' into Selma as the bells of freedom ring



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