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Parents of Suspended Morton West Students Hold Press Conference

Parents demand complete amnesty for their kids.
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Cheryl Zurawski reads the parent letter addressed to the superintendent.
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Casey, from the Chicago Chapter of SDS--one of the support groups at the press conference
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Morton West junior, Barbara Maniotis, one of the suspended students speaking at the press conference on Tuesday.
Berwyn, IL

Flanked by their children and several support groups, parents of the Morton West students who face expulsion for holding an anti-war sit-in last Thursday held a press conference in front of the school. Cheryl Zurawski, mother of Heather, a junior at the school, read a letter written by the parents to superintendent, Dr. Ben Nowakowski. The letter called for complete amnesty for the students involved with suspensions already served as punishment. It also calls on school officials to establish a means for students to express themselves about issues that concern them and to be able to communicate their concerns to the larger student body.

Parents are demanding a reply from the district at the District 201 Board of Education meeting to be held Wednesday, at 7:00pm at Morton East High School.

Support groups that were represented at the press conference:

Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice
Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice
Committee Against Militarization of Youth
American Friends Service Committee, Truth in Recruitment Program
Students for a Democratic Society
West Side Greens
Democratic Socialists of America
National Writers Union

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