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Love At First Sight: An Essay in Praise of IMC

A short essay in praise of IMC.
I first encountered the Independent Media Center in late September 2000. An article in Adbusters magazine led me to some anti-corporate websites, which led me to the websites (chronicling the then-recent extraordinary protests against the World Economic Forum in Melbourne), which led me to...

IMC Melbourne.

I read lively first-hand accounts of the protests, a far, FAR cry from what the $pent press delivered as "news". And I saw an invitation to Add My Own Comments, to contribute to this wonderful endeavor.

So I did.

I work for a living in IT. I spend lots of my time building and maintaining databases and web-based forms for interacting with databases. So when I saw the IMC, I recognized right away the MySQL, PHP, and HTML I use so much being put to an extraordinary service. (If I were smarter, I could have thought of it myself.) To me, it was, quite simply, love at first sight.

Despite all the problems the newswire and Indymedia itself faces, there is only one word to describe this transformation of seemingly innocuous and ordinary tools into an extraordinary power for freedom and social betterment.


Forces are aligning against the IMC: the most recent and noxious attempt (in the United States, at lesat) is an FCC proposal to remove the open-access rights of the Internet itelf. (See the Center for Digital Democracy website for more information, and to help join the fight.)

But let me take this opportunity right now (while I have it--who knows how long it'll last) to say to the amazing IMC network, and to everyone involved in the IMC, (especially all of you at the Chicago IMC), here and everywhere...

Bless you and thank you.



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