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DuPage Green Social Meeting

DuPage Greens will meet informally Thurs, 2/21 to socialize, discuss future plans and desires
What? DuPage Greens Social Meeting
When? Thursday, February 21st, 7pm to ???
Where? Los Burritos Tapatios
Roosevelt Rd. West of Park Blvd
Glen Ellyn (centrally located in DuPage Cty)
Who? Anyone wanting to empower a commitment to
Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social
Justice, Peace & Nonviolence, Social Justice,
Community-Based Economics, Decentralisation, Future
Focus/Sustainability, Feminism, Personal and Global
Responsibility, Respect for Diversity in the
Chicagoland suburbs.
Why? To have fun, meet other Greens, discuss future
action, eat Mexican food.

If you're curious to find out more about the Green movement and parties come on out. If the current election year has you disillusioned come on out. If you want to learn about Green options for upcoming local, state, and national elections, come join us. If you want to build a Green movement in the SUBURBS, please come now! Heck, just come and eat a taco or two.

Questions call (630) 536-2700 x1777.



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