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Update on unionist David Johnson Defense

David Johnson, Central Illinois unionists defending himself against charges for supporting Nader, makes a request of his supporters. Johnson, Vice-President/Political Director of the AFL-CIO of Champaign County, is fighting charges for publicly supporting Ralph Nader, even though he made disclaimer that this was a personal view.
To fellow union members, and other concerned citizens

I would like to clarify one thing about my situation here in Champaign Illinois. Not all of the members of the Champaign County AFL-CIO Executive Board are out to convict me (this includes Pres. Duane Lybarger). They are following the necessary proceedure as required by our constitution and by-laws, whenever someone like Steve Brewer files charges. Brewer's actions are outrageous, but the executive board is doing what it is required to do. President Lybarger and other members of the executive board will however make the final decision on Jan. 17th. PLEASE, keep this in mind when any of you send letters, etc. to President Lybarger or any other executive board member.   

Thank you for your tremendous support.
In Solidarity
David Johnson
Vice-President/Political Director
AFL-CIO of Champaign County
unionyes (at)  



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