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vanguard is at it again!

While people are dying, we are in a power struggle.
Well, they've done it again. I know people are tired of hearing that that the authoritarians are messing up the movement. But it is still happening.
First of all, the National Student Conference, that already smelled of ISO involvement, is becoming more tightly controlled by them. got here
BUT do sign up for the listserve and read previous posts.
The evidence is staggering that members of ISO have tried to take over and do everthing their way. Over all its a big mess. A small group in effect, has created itself, and decided it will monitor all workshops entering the conference. Also read transcripts from online chats.
Also there is an overabundence of front groups. Some groups are more popular then others at creating and maintaining them. A dated piece is here
look for the text on front groups and who they are. They have been popping up lately in the anti war movement.
I am not saying don't work with them, just know who they are. Knowledge is the real power.
A more recent piece but do scroll down a bit

So whenever you are working with these people call them on their actions.
"Do people have a right to rule?"
"No. No one has a right to rule."



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