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We say NO to...October 27 sham

The Chicago chapter of the International Solidarity Movement urges principled individuals and organizations to consider organizing alternative protests around the city rather than participating in the bogus "anti-war" event being organized by United For Peace and Justice along with Chicagoans Against War on Iraq.
The march and rally planned for October 27th has organizers boasting that they have over 100 endorsing organizations. The list is long but we have to wonder why organizations with a history of progressive politics and action would endorse an event that will showcase those that continue to vote for more funding of wars (or some like Obama that simply don’t vote to avoid the political heat)? By inviting speakers that continue to vote in support of more funding for war and an amendment (the Kyl-Lieberman amendment) that the Bush administration can use as justification for an attack on Iran the UFPJ and CAWI organizers are disrespecting U.S. troops that are dying in the current military adventure and the people of the Middle East. We urge endorsing organizations of the October 27 event to demand that the invitations to Daley, Durbin and Obama be withdrawn.

Invited speakers include:

Mayor Daley: militarization of Chicago Public School system, was Cook County States Attorney during many of the years that CPT Lt. Jon Burge tortured false confessions from mainly African-American men, responsible for mass arrests of activists when the Iraq War started

Senator Durbin: The short-list: Voted for Kyl-Lieberman amendment that now gives George W. Bush the justification to launch an attack on Iran, has consistently voted in support of U.S. tax-dollars to Israel to continue the illegal occupation of Palestine and just voted on October 1st to OK another $150 billion dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Senator Obama: has voted to fund the occupation. Not present for vote on Kyl-Lieberman amendment (see above), did not vote either way on October 1 when another $150 billion for the current wars was authorized and (like Durbin) has been kissing the rear end of the Israeli lobby in this country

Some questions:
Which of the three invited Democratic speakers named above is doing anything to bring the troops home now and stop a U.S. attack on Iran?
Does anyone believe the mainstream corporate media will show any speakers at the rally other than the
elected officials?

Why should principled organizations and individual activists be used to promote political whores who continue to vote for war and occupation?

If you actually participate in this sham demonstration how will you live with your conscience unless you jeer the politicians until they leave the stage?

Instead of listening to spineless Democrats and their collaborators we urge groups and individuals to:

*do expressway actions throughout the city and suburbs
--see &

*hold "Honk for Troops Out Now" events at major intersections around Chicago

*hold meetings to discuss NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION to really target the war makers in both major political parties

*do mass leafleting at street corners, neighborhood events, concerts, etc. to promote the CCAWR Emergency Response Protest in the event that the U/S. or Israel launches an attack on Iran



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