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Dot-Sucks Web Contest! Call For Entries

The new internet top level domain (TLD) ".SUCKS" is reserved for parody and critique. TM owners need not apply!
Dot-Sucks Web Contest!

How many corporations do you think "SUCK"?
What are your favorites? Are you willing
to create a web site devoted to your favorite
"sucky" corporation?

Name.Space will provide free web hosting
(NO ADS!) and domain registration under the
".SUCKS"* domain to the 10 best (unique)

Sites will be judged on originality, humor,
and political/social relevance.

Some examples of possible sites may include:

(and so on...)

Send your submissions to:

dot-sucks (at)

You should have the pages up
and running somewhere (you can
build it on one of the free web
providers--we'll look past the
oblgitory ads). Submissions
should include the URL of the
site and a brief description.
The site itself must speak for

Deadline: 01.01.01

The ".SUCKS" domain is published
and operated by Name.Space and is
reserved for parody and free speech.
No corporations or individuals may
register in a ".SUCKS" domain in
order to squelch criticism. Name.Space
will screen all applicants to confirm
that they are NOT the holders of the
"trademark" or "brand" name that

*To resolve ".SUCKS" and more than
500 other new TLDs, and to show your
solidarity for media autonomy, switch
your DNS settings (in your TCP/IP
controls) to Name.Space by following
the simple instructions at

**The domains "Microsoft.Sucks"
and "MPAA.Sucks" are already registered!

See the entries posted so far:

Visit these other ".SUCKS" sites:

*requires that you switch your
DNS settings to Name.Space

"route around" the domain censors!



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