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WB/IMF coming to Wash DC April 20, 21st

World Bank and the IMF are meeting April 20,21st - coinciding with the anti-war demonstration. Mass mobilization?

The World Bank website,, currently devotes its main feature to the 'infrastructure investment' in Colombia.

Let's merge anti-capitalism and anti-war movements on the weekend of April 20.


This is an unaffiliated call for all anti-capitalists to converge in Washington DC on the weekend of April 20.

This is a plea that we march without permits, as New York City showed us that if we cooperate with police prior to protests, our spontaneity and energy will be drained by police barricades and police escorts. We should not have to ask permission for free speech, and we should not limit our conceptions of free speech to speech itself. Marching without permits is an expression of free speech. Direct action is an expression of free speech.

This is a plea that those who eventually take the responsibility of logistics for the DC convergence do not 'overplan' the events of the weekend with excessive scheduling. Protests should be lively and unpredictable, there should be inherent risk or we are wasting our time with illusory, self-appointed importance.

This is a plea that our convergence remain fluid and mobile, without a focus on the IMF building itself.

Some suggestions for mobilization so that we don't run into the mess that we had in NYC:

-Form tight affinity groups now, and appoint representatives (preferably rotating representatives) to plug into relevant information concerning mobilization against IMF/WB.

-Decentralize the process: we shouldn't have to be in DC to know what's going on. Various affinity groups and working groups can network if there's confidence in the security of those networks, but groups outside of DC should not rely on DC for scenario planning.

-Create a constantly updated web page with printable mobilization propaghanda, and developing logistics info (housings, rides)

Of course, the question needs to be posed and answered: is DC up to this task, specifically the DC Anti-Capitalist Convergence?



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