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Location for Anti-War Protest At Dems’ Presidential Debate

Tuesday Night Protest to Begin Outside Soldier Field's Main South Entrance
Soldier Field protest map.pdf (89 k)
As of Sunday night, the City of Chicago had failed to officially respond to two permit applications regarding location for a Tuesday anti-war protest outside of the Democratic Party presidential candidates' debate at Soldier Field. Given the City's silence, organizers are formally convening the protest at the location indicated on their latest permit application – just outside the main south entrance to Soldier Field. This location allows demonstrators to distribute literature to debate attendees and provides the visibility that is a prerequisite for the effective exercise of 1st Amendment rights. Attorneys and legal observers will be onsite to address any logistical needs that may arise.

The protest begins at 4 PM, when the stadium doors open. If work or other responsibilities keep you away till later, please come anyway. The debate doesn't begin until 6 PM and many people plan on staying through the end of the debate to talk to attendees as they leave, as well.


* To get to the protest by CTA, from Michigan Avenue take the #26 South Shore Express Bus, or from State Street take the #6 Jackson Park Express Bus, to the "Museum Campus bus stop." Walk south on Museum Campus Drive (a roadway just east of the stadium) to the south end of the stadium.

* If you are driving to Soldier Field, go south on Columbus Drive in Grant Park and take the 18th Street exit. According to the Soldier Field website, "vehicles can park in Waldron Deck and South Lot for $8." Both parking locations are south of the stadium.


Chicago officials have historically gone to great lengths to discourage public speech of which they disapprove, so we're not surprised that the City hasn't rolled out the red carpet for us. That said, we have a constitutional right to gather, and our lawyers and tactical organizers will be onsite to ensure that people are safeguarded from unfair and unwarranted law enforcement harassment. The City also hasn't explicitly opposed our right to picket and hand out literature, so we encourage you to join us in exercising our vital constitutional rights -- a particularly important message to send to the union members who will be attending this debate ... and whose own right to organize has been under increasing attack in recent years.

Tuesday's demands include "Stop Funding the War" and "Bring the Troops Home Now." People are encouraged to advocate for other peace and justice issues, such as universal health care and immigrants' rights, as well. It's all connected, and outreach on behalf of any and all progressive issues is welcome and appreciated.

Tuesday's protest is being convened by the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism and Chicagoland CodePINK. It's co-sponsored by ANSWER Chicago; the Chicago Socialist Party; Chicago North Progressive Democrats of America; the Gay Liberation Network; Hammerhard Media Works; Hyde Park Committee Against War and Racism; International Action Center - Chicago / Troops Out Organizing Center; Military Families Speak Out – Chicago; Neighbors for Peace; the North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice; the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois; and the Peace Majority Report. Supporting groups include AWARE; Bloomington Normal Citizens for Peace and Justice; Chicago North PDA; Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice; Pax Christi Springfield; Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois; Progressive Democrats of Illinois; and the Third Unitarian Church Social Action Committee.

-- For more information call 773.209.1187 or email CCAWR (at) See you on Tuesday!



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