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High Noon on Tuesday: Give the Marlboro Man the boot

The Marlboro man has addicted more kids than any other killer. Join the rally Tuesday, February 12th, 2002 at high noon at the HQ of Leo Burnett [corner of Dearborn & Wacker]--who created the ad campaign for Philip Morris. Time to give this corporate killer the boot.
For Immediate Release: February 12th
Contact: Leise Jones, 312-332-3808
Mark Hays, 312-345-0186

Offer Mock Reward for 57 Years of Youth Tobacco Addiction

WHAT: Health experts, community leaders, and concerned citizens are rallying and demonstrating at the Chicago headquarters of Leo Burnett, protesting the advertising agency’s connection with Philip Morris, the world’s largest tobacco corporation. Activists are charging the Leo Burnett firm and it’s client, Philip Morris, with having created the deadliest advertising icon ever—the Marlboro Man Cowboy, arguably the world’s leading source of youth tobacco addiction. The Marlboro Man has successfully targeted youth since its introduction in 1954, making Marlboro the leading brand among young people in the US, and the #1 brand internationally.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 12th, 2002 at 12:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Leo Burnett Building, 65 W. Wacker on the corner of Wacker and Dearborn.

WHO: Public health advocates and community members -Activists from national corporate accountability group, Infact - Six foot-walking cigarette

WHY: Philip Morris, the world’s largest and most profitable tobacco corporation, has ridden to the top of the industry on the strength of the Marlboro Man advertising and promotional campaign. People around the city and around the nation are calling on Philip Morris to discontinue use of the Marlboro Man as part of Infact’s ongoing, multifaceted Tobacco Industry Campaign, which also includes a growing Boycott of Philip Morris’s Kraft Foods. As creator of the Marlboro Man, Leo Burnett has played a major role in targeting youth for tobacco addiction age since 1954.
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Since 1977, Infact has been exposing life-threatening abuses by transnational corporations and organizing successful grassroots campaigns to hold corporations accountable to consumers and society at large. Infact is known for the successful Nestle and GE Boycotts. For more information about Infact, visit



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