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Well-trained implementers of policy have a job to do! (art)

No matter where you stand in the usually unaccountable institutional framework of military activity, you're taught to trust your "superiors". "Medal of Merit" winner, West Point graduate and ex-u.s. marine major/13-year veteran of c.i.a. John Stockwell, was similarly taught that you must automatically subordinate yourself to "those who know more about the situation than you can ever know." Over time, and continuing hypocrisy, Stockwell could tell himself lies no longer and began to actually investigate matters for himself. anti-copyright art
uas welcomes in-the-heart art contributions from artists willing to do their work without copyright and without monetary payment. (How important to you is speaking up against the prevailing tide in ways that may actually inspire crucial activity? We think it's important enough to escape the confines of all that the art industry throws upon us!) Note: e-mail may be attacked (causing your mail to bounce) due to putting it up openly in such a sustained way, so look for future posts with other email addresses if you have trouble.



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