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Understand the Game & Avoid Being Tooled! (with art)

anticopyright art about the way policy makers tool the unprepared masses, as usual.
With all this in mind, people called protesters still have choices. We don't have to engage the police. And we can begin, now, envisioning otheer ways to heighten awareness of injustice.

Look at how Greenpeace goes about it. Or the methods of Saul Alynsky. Here's one thing that Alynsky did (excerpted from the link below):

"Going outside the experience of our viewed opponents but inside our allies' experience" is the gist of Saul's theories of creative nonviolent confrontation. The actual kinds of tactics that he promoted for use by oppressed minorities and strikers are pretty amazing in their joy-orientation--yet were still big on results.

"One of them used ordinary beans as the main ingredient for attack. A large group of direct actionists ate lots of beans and then descended upon their quarry while they sat at an enclosed public concert hall. Farting through-out the show, and certainly utilizing some kind of technique to communicate their intent, they succeeded in forcing their helpless opponents to the negotiating table, via peer pressure! ("John, you've got to do something about those people! It ruined our evening!")"

I see informal methods of interaction as much more important than these formal methods, and I hope you will too.

For now, here's a link (below) to a an article which expounds a little more clearly on some possible alternatives! Basically, the idea is about taking control of the usual "good cop, bad cop" routine via a "peasant" alternative. Here's an excerpt:

"If 'revolutionary' visionaries and warriors really want to solve the problem at its root, we've got to wake up not only to our own hypocrisy about authoritarian destructiveness, but to the tactics power uses to play us right into their various traps."

the article in full:

Your dissent and thoughtful feedback is GREATLY appreciated!



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