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Chicago Recap/Reunion of the WEF Weekend of Resistance!

Join us at the U.E. hall to recap the weekends actions against the WEF and discuss the future of the anti-global capitalist movement
Hello to all the good people, old and new, that either expressed interest or who took place in the protests and direct actions against the World Economic Forum this weekend in New York. We just wanted to drop a quick email and let everyone know how much their participation meant to us the Chicago Direct Action Network, and to the antiglobal capitalist movement as a whole. It seems that after a weekend of actions, teach-ins, events, forums, conversations friendships and camaraderie, our movement is again back on the map and growing. This was especially important after the bottom seemed to instantaneously fall out from under us on September 11, sending much or the progressive movement into disarray. In more ways than one, spring is coming, and many of us feel that we can all sense it.

In order to reconnect with ourselves and to share stories and ideas, the Chicago Direct Action Network would like to invite you to a discussion/report-back with activists who attended last weekend's anti-World Economic Forum protests in New York City. Here are the details:

When: Sunday, Feb 10, 2-5 pm
Where: U.E. Hall, 37 S. Ashland, btw. Monroe and Madison

Please bring yourselves, friends and anyone you know who is curious about this growing movement. It would be a great place for the to plug in.

There are other ways to get involved and stay informed about upcoming events, as well. We are currently starting a Chicago DAN news letter about the stuff we are doing and could add your address (email and/or snail mail!) to it, if you liked. That way you would know ahead of timewhat been going on and what events we are looking forward to. The DAN list serve by sending an email to:

chicagodan-subscribe (at)

To get directly involved with our organizing the Chicago Direct Action Network meets every Tuesday night at the New World Resource Center, 2600 W. Fullerton, at 7 pm. We try to keep the meetings friendly and productive, and each one is capped off by a trip to the pub across the street so people can talk and get to know each other informally.

Once again, thanks to everybody for the enormous interest, enthusiam, and energy that made this weekend happen. We all had a great time getting to know our new friends reconnecting with our old friends, and fighting the WEF in the streets and in the halls of New York City. Please stay in touch and we will move forward together. !La lucha sigue!

Sincerely and Comradely,
Chicago Direct Action Network



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