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Protesting Bush In Milwaukee This Monday

Bush is coming to Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel Monday.
Here's information about protesting outside.
Bush will be coming to the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee
Monday and the people at Milwaukee Peace Action have
been sending out a call for people to "Protest President
Bush's visit to Milwaukee Monday Feb. 11"

Peace Demonstration 5:00 pm
Stop the War at Home and Abroad!

Gather at Milwaukee War Memorial/Art Museum
End of Mason St. on the Lakefront
We will then march to the Pfister Hotel

War is Not the Answer, George!
Cut Military Spending! Fund Human Needs!
Defend Civil Liberties!
ANWR is not the energy answer!
Support workers, not CEO's!

Their bulletin says it's sponsored by Milwaukee
Coaltion for a Just Peace.

"As Dubya is coming to town, we want to include not
only just peace people but also environmentals, labor
people, social justice coalition members and anyone
else who thinks that Bush is not the answer.
"Get your friends and relations out to just say NO
to Bush."



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