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New Anarchist Black Cross (anti-prison) organizing guide online

Anyone want to start a Chicago ABC?
Please forward widely....

New "Anarchist Black Cross Information and Resources" available

In 1992-1993, a group called Nightcrawlers ABC (one of the more influential U.S. Anarchist Black Cross groups of the early 1990s) published an organizing guide called "Anarchist Black Cross Information and Resources." This book, which included group addresses, articles and tips for doing support, was one of the first how-to sheets on starting an ABC group. It was a very helpful item for new activists and those looking for help in their isolated regions. The last edition was printed in December, 1993.

A new version of "Anarchist Black Cross Information and Resources," with some of the original articles, some new and past pieces on criminalization and updated addresses is now available online. If you've been interested in starting an Anarchist Black Cross group, this guide may prove to be very helpful. Plus, it's free.

Special thanks to Gumby Cascadia, Rabid at NAELPSN, Joel Olson, Claustrophobia and others for their efforts.

You can download, print and distro your own copies from:



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