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Feb. 6: Oppose Kraft Foods' Use of Genetically Engineered Products!

On February 6, environmental and food safety activists will kick off a worldwide campaign targeting Kraft Foods to remove genetically engineered ingredients from their products. Kraft's headquarters are right here in Chicago, so let's send them a message that we don't want genetically engineered products in our food!
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FEBRUARY 6 Press Event/Action
NATIONAL CAMPAIGN KICK-OFF to press Kraft Foods to remove genetically engineered ingredients from their products!
WHERE: The new Jewel Store at the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt (1224 S. Wabash)
BRING: Your kids, your friends, your family, your good humor!

Press conference speakers will include: Dr. Quentin Young, Dr. Sam Eptstein, LaDonna Redmond, Austin Organic Food Co-op, a representative from the Sierra Club, Christie Phillips, Midwest Field Coordinator, OCA. The folks from the press conference will be joining us after they finish their event. See below for more info on demonstration/educational actions in metro Chicago area!

WHY KRAFT? Kraft Foods -- headquartered in Chicago -- is the largest food company in the country, and the second largest in the world, with products that can be found in 99% of U.S. households. Yet many of these products are likely to contain untested and unlabeled genetically engineered ingredients that may put their customers at risk. Kraft is aware of the potential health and environmental risks of genetically engineered foods, and the company has moved to avoid genetically engineered ingredients in their products in Europe, but continues to use these ingredients in the United States. Kraft Foods needs to do more to ensure that their foods are safe for our health and the environment. Environmental and food safety activists are gearing up for a worldwide campaign targeting Kraft Foods to remove genetically engineered ingredients from their products. On February 6, we're holding actions and press events across the country.

Take Action! If you can't make it to the main protest during the day at the Jewel on Wabash and Roosevelt, stop by any of these locations between 5:30 and 6:30 that night.

* 114 East Willow, downtown Wheaton. Contact Sophia at 312-836-0011 ext 107
* 7523 Lake Street, River Forest. Contact Sophia at 312-836-0011 ext 107
* 1128 Chicago Avenue, Evanston. Contact Margaret at 847-475-0198
* 1341 Paulina Street (by Milwaukee), Chicago. Contact Linda at 773-862-1197

Close to 150 events happening nationwide! Have fun, be creative, and do what you do best! Please call or email with any questions or for coaching. And thanks again for joining this huge national effort to get untested, unlabled genetically engineered ingredients out of Kraft Foods and out of all of our food!

Christie Phillips
Midwest/East Coast Field Coordinator
Organic Consumers Association

phone: 773.784.3698
fax: 773.784.3669
Christie (at)
Campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, sustainability, and fair trade.



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