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45+ People on Sidewalks Summarily Arrested in NYC Police Escalation

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 3 (IMC) - Within a half-hour period over 45 people on sidewalks were summarily arrested, most with no charges cited. One white male in his early twenties sporting a blue bandana was arrested by officers Rich, Brower and McCann for "obstructing a street." Elsewhere an arrestee has reportedly been rendered unconscious by police force.
ir, blue bandana, thick hooded ribbed sweatshirt, blue jeans, red t-shirt

more cops brought onto line: helmet numbers: 5056, 27889, 1044, 5934, 10783, 13661, 12426, Quiles 5324 badge, 23224


arrested: WF, dreadlocked, glasses, light blue ____, beads around neck, tan & black jacket, jeans, dark worn shoes

arrested: WF, fine-patterned paisley red-green scarf, 20s, led into 2nd bus

traffic at standstill, people milling among police cars in the street

2:23pm NE/SE corners

drumming at NE/SE corner, "Whose Streets! / Our Streets!", SE corner pushing people against parked cars, videographer pushed backwards, falls to ground, arrested

arrested at SE corner: WM, 20s, black and blonde hair, thin beard, glasses

arrested: WF, one-unit gray coat with puffy hood

arrested: Latin male, 5'5", beard, red kerchief, black coat

arrested: WF, blue hood, black shiny jacket, dark blue lengthwise stripe on arm

arrested: unknown sex, dark blue sleeves, sleeveless black jacket

chant (to the tune of Beatles' "Yellow Submarine"): "We all live in a military state"

arrested: unknown sex, gray hood, black jacket

arrested: unknown sex (possibly M), gray backpack, 5'10", short brown hair, late 20s




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