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Photos: WEF Protests Saturday

Photos from Saturday's protests at the WEF in New York City (article 7)
1. Protesters distribute bagels before the Reclaim the Streets march kicks off.
2. Palestine solidarity contingent marches through Central Park in the RTS march.
3. Members of Chicago Direct Action Network form an Argentina solidarity contingent.
4. Part of the black bloc exiting the park.
5. The dragon kicking off the Another World Is Possible march from Grand Army Plaza.
6. Police keep protesters against the sidewalk as the march kicks off.
7. Drummers waiting to begin marching.
8. Police in riot gear with surveillance team in background.
9. Police force protesters back with batons after charging into the march as it got underway.
10. Police and protesters along Lexington Avenue.
11. A Radical Cheerleaders squad keeps spirits up as marchers wait to be allowed to move forward.
12. Police blocking the back of the march from crossing Lexington Avenue, as the rest of the march waits in the intersection of 46th and Lex.
13. Police surround protesters at the rear of the march.
14. Reading the picket signs as we wait...
15. A sign made on the fly.



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