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WEF Update: Another Report from the March

Thousands of singing, dancing, and chanting anti-WEF protesters marched from Columbus Circle.
A happy crowd of several thousand people, organized by Reclaim the Streets and others joined the anti WEF protests this morning. Led by a "Rockettes" style kick line of dancing Statues of Liberty, along with numerous other colorful characters and costumes, the march had a large percussion section playing Latin beats in honor of the failed economy of Argentina (thanks to globalist economic policies).

The marchers started along the Central Park Drive and joined up with another anti-WEF rally (already in progress) at 59th Street and 5th Ave. Other fascinating parade
costumes soon appeared, including a ten-foot-high penis emblazoned with "WEF SCREWS US ALL" and an incredible dragon float, with a giant wheeled head followed by a 40-foot body and tail. At least two dozen protesters were needed to "populate" the inside of the dragon as well as carry its extremites (feet and tail).

The protest was penned in at 59th and 5th by hundreds of cops for well over an hour. At one point, a group of anarchists wielding large rectangular plastic shields politely moved their way towards the police line. A few minutes later, the cops charged the crowd, menacing many of the peaceful protesters. Several people were arrested, the situation seemed to calm down shortly afterwards, and the marchers were allowed to continue on their route. This reporter stayed as far as 46th and Lexington, where the cops once again stopped the marchers around 4 PM.



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