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Send a Message to the Democratic Machine

Send State Senator Lisa Madigan the Daughter of Illinois Democrtic Party chairman and Sponsar of the bill to disinfranchise alternative political parties.
As you know the unconstitutional date change for New Political Party's
was changed by a bill sponsored by State Senator Lisa Madigan. In
addition when we tried to gain ballot access Senator Madigan and her Dad
Democratic Party Chair Michael Madigan pulled out all stops to prevent
us. In addition the current Nader challenge is being conducted my
Michael Madigan and friends. On October 7th State Senator Lisa Madiagan
will be holding "Town Hall" meetings all day. I say we have
demonstrators at each site and send her message that we don't appreciate
her tactics of undermining people choice at the ballot box.

Her meetings are scheduled as possible:

10-11 a.m. Horner Park Field House @2741 West Montrose
12-1 p.m. Lincoln-Belmont Public Library @ 1659 West Melrose
2-3 p.m. Holstein Park Field House @ 2200 North Oakley

It is planned that she will not run re-election but for higher office of
Attorney General or Congress. Can you image what kind Attorney General
or Congressman she would be???? We need to send her message that we
haven't appreciated what she has done in the Senate and want her to go

If we have 10 people at each event letting her know our opinion it would
be a good showing. We can also take this opportunity to call upon her to
change her opinion and support Election Reform, Campaign Finance Reform,
the Death Penalty Moratorium, and Universal Health Care (even they over
a third of her contributors are medical providers that oppose UH).



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