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WEF Update: This is What Democracy Looks Like?

Up to date report of protest march in NYC from Chicago activist June C. Terpstra.
It's 4pm in NYC and I've just come off the streets from the protest march that some reports estimate at 35,000 participants. The latest news as I hear coming into the Walker Street NYIMC is that Billy Bragg is out there singing and an unconfirmed report of some tension from police over a few turned over dumpsters by "Black Block". Two contningents are still out there marching but have been separated by the police.

The noon rally began festively at the south end of central park with resistance cheer leaders, great Bush and Cheney puppets, chants and a group of young folks singing "what's oil got to do, got to do with it" to the tune of "whats love got to do with it". After protesters climbed statues and hung anti-corporate banners and signs the police cleared everyone off the site. With just the hint of creative direct action the cops move in and move people out.

Protesters then moved to the south eastern corner of the park to assemble for the march. From 1pm until 3pm while I was there, I observed no confrontations but I have not experienced this tight and limited space in which to protest ever before. Police are lined right up next to the miles of blue wooden barriers demarcating the space in which to march. We are limited to 10-15 people to a line as we march down Lexington Ave. A group of young people we were marching near were chanting, "This is what democracy looks like".

This chant is an ironic but accurate declaration to the the world about the state of the ongoing illusion of democracy in the USA. Our speech and protest is confined to tightly controlled pens and heavily patrolled demarcated street spaces. But we're out here en mass post-911 inspite of the hysteria induced repressive tactics of of the NYPD. New Yorkers on the streets were basically supportive when not just ignoring us. I can hear my Italian comrades urging more and more of us to take a stand and "get out into the streets."

This what democracy in plutocracy looks like.

In Solidarity,



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