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WEF Update: No Masks, No Bandanas, No Puppets Allowed

Chicago IMC activist June C. Terpstra reports on this mornings Police tactics against at the NYC protests against the WEF.
While protesting in Genoa, my Italian born mother who fled facism in Italy warned me to stay away from Italian police because they were facist and would "beat me and put me in prison and throw away the key". This morning I am convinced that NY cops are worse and our freedoms here in America are much more limited than in Italy. While gathering with a group of about 500 protesters at 9:30 am this morning I am disgusted and repulsed by the overt facism of the NY police and the tactics of "penning" in protesters behind steel fencing, pushing us off the sidewalks and limiting our movement from block to block and pen to pen. Divide and herd is the tactic here. Even staff who were trying to distribute food and water to protesters were not allowed to go from pen to pen. This is protest in the USA in NY today.

At about 10 am there was a scuffle on 52nd and Park between police who arrested one lone young man who was wearing a bandana. When his friend asked the police why they were arresting him they grabbed him also. Both boys went limp and we watched as they dragged them into a police van, for wearing a bandana and for asking why! One brave young man from ANSWER yelled loudly to gain attemtion to the arrest. At this point all of us were pushed off the sidewalk and herded out by a phalanx of cops who moved us quickly out of sight of the van hauling the two boys away.

An unconfirmed report of police harassing and ticketing a car with three pupeteers just came into the NY IMC. Civil Liberties in the Republic of the USA? Forget about it!



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