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NYIMC Benefit Energizes Young and Old

NYCIMC pre-protest Benefit coverage.

In my ongoing commitment (25 years now) to keep takin to the streets against the capitalist imperialist "Crusaders" I arrived in NYC at 10 pm and went directly to the NYIMC benefit at 58th and Walker with my nephew who lives two blocks from the NYIMC. There was a great vibe and I arrived just in time for the film from ItalyIMC about the Genoa manifestations which I will never forget . This definitely brought back memories from my time working with the GFS and IMC in Italy. I had not seen the attack against the school on film before tonight and it definitely broke my heart all over again.

It is good to remember our time there and the comparison to what ever goes down tomorrow will be important for me to make. I have been feeling that the movements in the USA need more; more of us in mass numbers, more of our youth politicized and clear; and more collective creativity to fight the power. The film was a great way precursor for a point of entry into the NY protests. Also, the crowd was defnitely gearing up energy for tomorrow. A band called "Blow Back", whose political punk jammin was inspiring the crowd when we left.

There are cops everywhere around 57th and Madison in front of every Nike town, Cartier, Starbucks, and of course the Waldorf. Protecting the "american way of life so cherished by the shrub et al. seems to be the main concern out on the streets.

Celebrating NYMC and supporting our collective will to take to the streets is in the blood of protesters, young and old tonight on Walker street.

In Solidarity,



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