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Hands Around Goldblatts Demo Saturday! Please Join Us!

Join us at noon Saturday, February 2, at the Goldblatt's building in Uptown and show your support for affordable housing and grassroots democracy!
Hands Around Goldblatts
Saturday, February 2, 2002
Noon at N. Broadway and Lawrence

Queer to the Left and the Edgewater-Uptown Greens have been working in coalition with an Uptown activist organization, Couraj, to stop the pro-rich developers, Freed & Associates., from turning the Goldblatt's building into another corporate franchise (Borders) on the first floor and expensive condos, instead of affordable housing, on the upper floors. The developers also want to tear down an awesome historic hotel to make room for parking.

Over a thousand postcards have been sent or are being delivered by Couraj, Queer to the Left, the Greens, and other Uptown groups to Commission Berg and Major Daley about the local economy impacts and the lack of affordable housing issues with the Freed plan and lots of us are working to encourage activists to come to the Demonstration planned for this Saturday, February 2 at Noon on the sidewalk around the Goldblatt's building (Lawrence and N. Broadway).

Please come to Uptown on Saturday, Feb. 2 at noon and Join Hands with us around the buildings for a Demonstration. It will be great if our elected officials are responsive to the many requests for them to take a step back and open up a process for the community of Uptown to talk about what kind of businesses and housing they want and need in their neighborhood.

Peace & Solidarity,
Starlene Rankin
Edge-Up Greens & Queer to the Left

Why we OPPOSE THE FREED & ASSOCIATES PLAN for the Goldblatt's building: (from Couraj)

1. The Freed plan does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address the DIRE HOUSING CRISIS in our community.

2. The Freed plan goes AGAINST THE CONSENSUS IN OUR COMMUNITY FOR INCREASING THE NUMBER OF UNITS OF LOW-COST HOUSING. That consensus has been proven time and time again (with the 1999 affordable housing referendum, at the Broadway/Lawrence TIF charrette, with the COURAJ petitions, and most recently with the COURAJ/Queer to the Left postcard campaign).


4. The Freed plan includes a BORDERS BOOKSTORE that would THREATEN the economic well-being of TWO LOCAL, INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES.

1. At least 50% of the housing in the Goldblatt's building must be truly affordable to people living in the community.

2. The Leland Hotel should get $3.25 million in TIF funding for its renovation.

3. Retailers that benefit from TIF funding should not threaten local, independent businesses.

4. The CDC should not vote for any TIF project proposal unless it meets the community's stated needs and wants, the most urgent and widespread need being low-cost housing.



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