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Protest around Goldblatt's: Broadway and Lawrence, Feb. 2, Noon

This is a repost from a letter I got forwarded to me from a friend. I thought that people here might want to know about it and partake in it if they can.
Dear Friends of the bookstore,
As some of you many know, we are taking a stand against the use of tax money (TIF funding) for the proposed development of the Goldblatt's building in Uptown (the Freed Plan) because we feel it doesn't address the need for affordable housing for families in the area, because it would destroy an historic property, and because it includes a plan for Border's to be the primary retailer. Another chain bookstore, particularly one so near us, threatens our growth
and survival, as well as that of Unabridged, Beck's the
Spanish-Speaking Bookstore and several independent music retailers in the immediate area. We would really love your support.

(Broadway and Lawrence)

PUBLIC HEARING: Chicago Development Commission
TUES., FEB. 5, 2 P.M.
City Council Chambers, 2nd. Floor, City Hall
121 N. LaSalle
Anyone can speak in protest, but it's best to get there early to sign up to speak.
The hearing will go on for hours, so come after work if you can't come earlier. We need a big turnout!



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