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The "Color of Violence" Conference

Tune in and watch CAN TV!
CAN TV Community Forum presents...
on (cable channel) CAN TV21
The Color of Violence Conference(30 mins.)
Saturday, Feb. 9, 8:00 p.m., CAN TV21
Saturday, Feb. 16, 8:00 p.m., CAN TV21
Organizers of the upcoming "Color of Violence" Conference appear on CAN TV Community Forum to discuss the impact of colonialism, racism and sexism on women of color and how it has contributed to domestic violence in communities of color.

For more information about the conference visit: or e-mail: brichie (at)

For more information about CAN TV visit: Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) gives every Chicagoan a voice on cable television. While the media marketplace is controlled by a shrinking number of companies, CAN TV provides a public space where Chicagoans can discuss issues of local concern, promote health, educational and economic resources in the community, and celebrate local talent and initiatives.

CAN TV is non-commercial and 90% local. People communicate using the channels without interference from station management, advertisers or government officials. Thousands of groups and residents have taken advantage of the training, facilities and channel capacity available to them as a result of a franchise agreement between the City of Chicago and the city's cable operators. Research conducted in 1997 shows that 92% of Chicago residents and 93% of CAN TV nonprofit clients believe that CAN TV is valuable to the community.



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