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Film Screening: HEARTS AND MINDS - A Historic Visual Chronicle of the Vietnam Wa

Friday • February 8 • 7PM
DePaul University • Schmidt Academic Center
Room 254 • 2320 N. Kenmore
HEARTS AND MINDS: A Historic Visual Chronicle of the Vietnam War

“We weren’t on the wrong side. We were the wrong side.”

- Daniel Ellsberg

HEARTS AND MINDS • Produced by BERT SCHNIEDER and PETER DAVIS - Directed by PETER DAVIS • Rainbow Releasing, Touchstone Pictures for BBC

Friday • February 8 • 7PM

DePaul University • Schmidt Academic Center

Room 254 • 2320 N. Kenmore

- Discussion to follow screening.

“A masterful documentary, perhaps the most unsettling discussion of Vietnam and its aftermath ever to appear in any medium. Peter Davis, known for his expert television special The Selling of the Pentagon, portrays the war as a widening spiral of insanity, a vortex that pulled otherwise sane, rational, decent men and women into the depths of deceit, degradation, and destruction—both moral and physical. More than a few spectators at the premiere wept openly; but it is a tribute to Davis’s integrity as a filmmaker that he keeps his indignation firmly under control and allows his images, his subjects, and the events his camera witnesses to speak for themselves. Highly recommended.” – Don Druker, Chicago Reader

Hearts and Minds disentangles the political web of lies that gradually locked the U.S. into the logic of intervention – and examines the culture of brutality that racism spawned and modern warfare made acceptable. A U.S. officer tells a group of schoolchildren: “The Vietnamese are very backward, very primitive. They make a mess of everything. Without them, Vietnam would be a fine country.” A US bomber pilot explains: “You never saw people. You didn’t even hear the explosions. No blood, no screams. It was clean.” But a “clean” war for bombers, generals, and politicians devastates civilians and grunts on both sides – in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and anywhere else.

Sponsored by the DePaul Activist Student Union and the Chicago Coalition against War & Racism.Donations welcome.

For more information, call 773-278-6706, or email mpwr2502 (at)




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