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For Anarchism: Against the Terrorism of Church, State and Capital

Anarchist Forum
Sunday, January 27, 4:00pm
2nd Unitarian Church
656 W. Barry
Terrorism of the Church: torment in Hell is awaits all those who rebel against God. And where the Church and State are one, whether it be Puritan New England or Islamic Saudi Arabia, the church fathers make life a Hell on Earth for those who transgress the laws of God.

Terrorism of the State: beatings, prison, death await those who rebel against the State. War is waged at home and abroad to secure the interests of the privileged classes.

Terrorism of Capital: the threat of loss of livelyhood and its consequences: hunger, homelessness and disease, is held ovet the heads of wage-slaves who attempt to organize to better their lives.

These threads of thought will be fleshed out at the Anarchist Forum, Sunday, January 27, 4:00pm at the 2nd Unitarian Church, 656 W. Barry. Sponsored by Some Chicago Anarchists.



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