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But victory will be possible only with your help (no panic, we don't want your money)!!!
Chaussette Verte is an Italian-French electric jazz band that is fighting against showbusiness.
We are fighting the record industry by giving away our music for free, and the copyright protection system by inviting anyone to duplicate our cd in several copies and sell them (not giving us a dime, of course) and/or give'em away, as they like.
Our goal is to obtain the more dates we can reach to (for any musician playing concerts is the only honest way to gain money), starting from the requests of the audience, not from the impositions of the entertainment industry.
This approach may be a new way for the musicians to live of their music without paying dues to the industries, but having a direct contact with the listeners.
This means also no more star system and no ownership of the immaterials goods, as music or ideas.
If you want to help us in this battle, download our CD from the site , there is the cover too, duplicate it in as many copies as you like, sell them or give them away to your friends.
There are just three things we ask you to do (there is no way for us to control if you will, but you'll know how bastard you are...):
1. Write us your impressions about our music
2. Give away at least one copy to a friend
3. Give a copy to your local radio station and/or to your local jazz club
When we will be lots, the music multinationals will have a great new problem...



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